VFX Supervision

London, Brighton, New York, Seattle and Manama



The visual effects supervisor is responsible for achieving the creative aims of the director and/or producers through the use of visual effects. To this end I can offer the following:

  • I can oversee all VFX - related work on your project from conception through to completion
  • I can manage and direct the technical, artistic and production personnel
  • I possess a knowledge of various visual effects techniques, with emphasis on camera set-ups and film knowledge, with an eye for composition and camera work
  • I can plan for and manage the timing and associated costs of a project
  • I can collaborate on the bidding and negotiation processes with clients


Visual Effects

Having worked at post production houses with clients from a variety of production companies and broadcasters, I feel that my skills and experience can be useful on the production side as well, to make the process of VFX easier, better and more cost-effective. I am used to working with Producers, Directors and Scriptwriters and I believe that I can help your projects in the following ways:


In development:


  • Working with producers and writers to read scripts and outlines and identify areas for potential VFX content
  • Providing creative and technical solutions and cost estimates
  • Identifying ways to maximize the VFX budget


In pre-production:


  • Providing VFX breakdowns and cost estimates for scheduling and budgeting
  • Meeting with potential VFX vendors and getting bids based on these breakdowns
  • Assisting directors with storyboarding and creative and technical direction of VFX
  • Concept design and pre-visualisation of VFX scenes


In production:


  • Working with the director, 1st AD and HODs to ensure that VFX are scheduled and shot correctly, avoiding extra work and costs in post.
  • Providing the director with on-the-spot solutions to problems and changes as they may arise during filming
  • Providing pre-visualisation of VFX while filming
  • Gathering of on-set data to assist the VFX in post


In post-production:


  • Overseeing the VFX process during post and reviewing work in progress
  • Providing creative and technical guidance to the VFX vendors
  • Ensuring that the VFX work meets the creative brief and is achieved on time and within budget


Please contact me to arrange an initial call or a meeting.


Barney Curnow